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Is your business producing at peak performance? Are your employees operating at their maximum
level? If not, what’s standing in the way?

You can ignore the problem or spend months doing surveys and focus groups to uncover the issues, but both approaches can lead to wasted time and money. Or, you can use analytical tools to quickly help pinpoint problem
areas and create a plan that can easily and efficiently be put into place to address them. At Strategic Business Architects, we specialize in helping you locate the trouble spots and develop the action steps that will quickly make you, your people and business operate at their peak performance.

Our goal is to help you maximize the efforts of your team and organization so they get the most from their time, talent and technology.

Assessing your business and team

Each company we work with is unique and has own strengths, weaknesses, problems and goals. Using a multi-pronged approach, we help you assess your individual business and team, gaining clarity to define who you serve and how you measure progress. We assist you in determining if your team is communicating clearly and what accountability is in place. With time-tested assessments and tools, we give you the knowledge and strategies that will help your progress for years to come.

Time for change?

In times of crisis, leaders may look at any option that might help their business survive. It’s often harder to recognize the need for change when success has begun to slide; yet the situation is not yet dire. That’s understandable, because
change can be difficult and most leaders don’t want the chaos of uprooting everything unless the situation absolutely requires it.

But changes do not have to be major in order to be effective.

At Strategic Business Architects, we work with you to develop strategies and action plans that help you make the changes that meet your needs, are effective and yield long lasting results. Using time-tested assessments and tools,
along with my executive coaching and enterprise architecture expertise, I help businesses identify where and how to change.

Key Services Include…

  • Business Model Generation—helping you to visualize and describe their entire business in nine squares on a single page.
  • Strategic Visioning—examining your company’s past learning and success, take stock of the environment you are currently playing in, and envision what it takes to build a bright future.
  • 90-Day Plan—a jump-start focus on 1 to 3 key objectives that ignite your business in 90 days.
  • One Page Business Plan—quickly gaining organizational clarity and express it on a single page, your roadmap and blueprint for the next 12 months.
  • Team Programs—building a cohesive leadership team through assessments and activities that result in increased communication, cooperation and cohesion among team members.

Need help figuring out how to move from mediocre to maximum?

Contact Strategic Business Architects to get the most from your time, talent and technology:

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