Monday, December 5, 2022

Finding Your Strengths: The Role of Personality Assessments

Personality assessments play an essential role in planning and building a successful and rewarding business. As I’ve worked with various clients and employees over the years, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in the results and satisfaction those that have taken advantage of personality assessments have enjoyed and those that didn’t use them. In this post-series we’ll explore 3 reasons why I feel this is so.


Personality assessments help us in at least 3 important ways:

  1. They help build our self-confidence through self-knowledge and awareness
  2. They play an important and necessary role in our personal brand development
  3. They provide the necessary foundational information for deciding what you should focus on in your business and what you should delegate. Done properly we  spend the majority of our time on those business activities that will give us the most enjoyment and personal satisfaction and success


While the reasons my clients come to me vary in many ways, there are some common themes I see in each regardless of age, time in their career, or whether they are running their own business or working for someone else. . Most are experiencing:

  • some level of confusion about who they are and what they really want to do
  • varying levels of anxiety or discomfort over their situation
  • a gnawing feeling that what they are doing isn’t providing the optimal personal satisfaction they’d like to enjoy and feeling like they are not making the greatest contribution they know they are capable of

All these things usually translate into a level of self-confidence that is not optimal. For some, their level of self-confidence is only mildly annoying while others it can lead to self-defeating behaviors and attitudes and even be destructive to their businesses and personal life. In my work with clients, I find self-confidence to be at the foundation of business success and satisfaction.

The good news is that most personality assessments provide the necessary information to understand one’s greatest strengths which increases a person’s personal understanding and awareness giving them a strong sense of who they are and what contribution they bring to the table. It also provides the groundwork for building a compelling personal brand and doing the work that most closely match the individual’s strong areas.

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